We Support Physically Challenged Adults and Children in Ghana

Thanks to our donors, we’ve been able to recycle thousands of pieces of special equipment



Blind Canes & Walking Sticks

An estimated 3% of Ghana’s population of more than 30 million people have serious physical challenges – that’s nearly 1 million people. Many people with physical challenges in Ghana have no special equipment. People from among the poorest in Ghana face all of these challenges and far more, from inadequate accommodation to limited access to clean water.

We’re committed to:

Helping people to get the equipment they need

We ship recycle special equipment and ship it to Ghana where we create employment for people repairing the equipment then give it to people who need it either directly or in partnership with local hospitals and other groups for no charge.

to working to change attitudes to people with physical challenges

Our support for sportsmen and women with physical challenges and our annual ‘Walk for Life’ continue to  help to create positive attitudes to people with physical challenges.

Creating employment opportunities

We’ve helped hundreds of people with physical challenges to gain employment, and we want to do more. With the support of our donors, we want to set up batch production facilities to make canes for blind people and other special equipment in Ghana.